Where to find the best WordPress plugins

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I get asked all the time where to find good plugins for WordPress (and other CMSs, though less frequently) from folks looking to enhance their site or add functionality to it, without having to hire a developer.

While that kills a small piece of my soul as I’m one of those developers, I applaud people for trying to enhance their own site without spending too much.

You get what you pay for!

That phrase above is a common theme amongst blog posts here because it’s true about most anything in life. WordPress plugins are no different.

There’s a number of sources to get plugins online, primarily the WordPress plugins directory.

The problem here is that those plugins aren’t vetted by anyone for security, ease of use, how frequently they’re updated, what access they give the builder to your site, etc.

I often equate the plugin directory to the app store on your phone. For every one good thing, there are 1000 not good things there. Whether that’s apps or plugins, it stands true.

So where are the better plugins?

What you’re looking for is called a premium plugin, or one that you pay for. Some are one time fees, some come with subscription services.

My personal go-to is CodeCanyon.

In addition to WordPress plugins, you’ll also find themes, scripts, Admin UIs, JavaScript code, and countless other types of files.

Where else should I look?

Not everything will be on a pay-for site. Some plugins, like Gravity Forms have their own website entirely.

Your best bet to find a plugin that does exactly what you want is to use Google and be specific on what functionality you’re looking for.

Instead of “wordpress plugin photos”, try “wordpress plugin photo galleries with slideshow” to get more refined search results.

The more specific you are, the more likely you’ll find what you’re looking for.

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