Test of Skill hosts online skill-based competitions where entrants can win a variety of prizes, from an Apple iPod to a new car. The owner of Test of Skill had a unique idea to make his business work online, and he came to us to make this online game work, and work well. To play the game, a user is shown an image of a sporting event (usually a basketball or soccer game), with the ball removed. The user then clicks on the image where they think the ball is located, which populates a set of X and Y coordinates into a field. The user enters their contact information into the form, and submits it. At the end of the contest, if they’re the closest to the actual center of the (removed) ball, they win the prize.

MJJ Designs designed a Javascript based game from scratch to power the heart of the website. This site was designed in Photoshop CS, and coded using a combination of AJAX, Javascript and PHP, with a MySQL backend database. Other services include updating games on a monthly basis, e-mailing thousands of players on a monthly basis through a custom designed mailing list, and determining the actual center of the missing ball. MJJ Designs also painstakingly removed the ball from each of the game images using Photoshop CS and an extreme attention to detail.