A complete redesign of the original SmartGames site ( allowed focus to switch from web-based Flash games, to an iPhone App.

This change in their business model also allowed us to completely redesign their website, removing the element of paying to download games locally to a PC. Their new business model allowed us to simply link to the Apple iTunes App Store, and let the purchasing happen there.

The client requested this new site to be simplistic, web 2.0, and one single page.  The result was a web 2.0 feel, utilizing many newer technologies (including CSS3 and jQuery), and has the entire site’s content on one page, utilizing jQuery to scroll up and down the page in a smooth, appealing manner.

The new site incorporates a contact us form directly on their homepage, a live Twitter feed, links to the iTunes store, a scrolling iPhone image rotater containing images from the game, a CSS3 menu including dynamic shadows for the menu items, rotating client testimonials, and Twitter & Facebook links.

Our work on this project included archiving the existing website, mocking up a few variations of the new design, incorporating client feedback, and eventually building the website from our mockup.  We provide ongoing maintenance to the site, as well.


Snake Pit