Site Maintenance Pro gives you access to our entire staff of professional web designers, developers, producers, and editors. Let MJJ Designs take care of everything related to maintaining your website.

With Site Maintenance Pro, you are pre-purchasing 100 hours of our time to be used throughout the course of a month.  Like your cell phone’s rollover minutes, unused hours roll over to the next month — something no one else in our industry does!.

This includes:

  • Support – Have an issue you need help with? Want to avoid having to call your webhost for support? We’ll take care of it for you.
  • Consultations – Need general advice on how to improve your site? We’re here for you.
  • Content Updates – Want a qualified professional to make your updates for you? We’ll do them as often as you need.
  • Email – Need a new e-mail address configured? We’ll configure it for you and work that person to set it up in their preferred mail client.
  • Image editing – Have images you need to re-size or crop for your site? We’ll manipulate them.
  • Forms – Need to collect information from your visitors? We’ll build a form for you.
  • Bug Fixes – Run into a bug when upgrading the software that runs your site? We’ll fix them!
  • Search Engine Optimization – Want us to review your site and point out how you can improve your ranking? We’re great at SEO!
  • Site Relocation – Need to move your site to a new host? We’ll move everything, re-point your domain name, and test everything for you.  We can even host your site for free on our dedicated hardware.
  • Server Security Monitoring – Worried that your server or hosting is insecure? We’ll give it the once-over for you, and plug any security holes.
  • Development – Need a new feature built? Use your Site Maintenance Pro contract to have us do development work for you, and deduct from your monthly hours.
  • And Much More.

If you would love a website, but don’t want the hassle and worry of keeping it running and current, we can take care of it for you — all while saving you money.

The Fine Print

  • When subscribing to our Site Maintenance Pro service, we guarantee a 1 hour turn-around time on any request during business hours (7am-11pm EST). Off hours is a 4 hour service level agreement.
  • If you go over your 100 hours per month, you’ll either dip into your next month’s bank or will have to pay the regular hourly rate (if you’re on the last month of your agreement.)
  • Site Maintenance Pro covers and and all websites that you own and operate.