First and foremost, ROAM needed to be moved to a more modern and capable content management system. Taking full advantage of WordPress meant updates to the theme and, along with it, a brand new responsive structure to the designs. Usability and excellent presentation on mobile devices were especially necessary for ROAM, a mobile commerce solutions company.

In partnership with the client, MJJ Designs redesigned nearly every facet of the site to look its best on desktop browsers, mobile browsers, and anything in between.

Some of the significant, fully responsive theme updates (shown in the gallery below):

  • New homepage with responsive slider, featured news and resource widgets, and embedded video.
  • Cleaner interior landing pages.
  • Content page with new sidebar widgets and navigation.
  • Collapsible primary navigation (depending on the device used).
  • Scalable and easily editable table listings of compatible mobile devices.
  • Directory of available resources.
  • New contact page with integrated Google Maps.

Project Goals

  • Migrate to a modern CMS – Accomplished with a move to WordPress.
  • Update the site’s theme – A redesign and rethinking of content display resulted in a nearly brand new theme.
  • A beautiful mobile experience – While determining the best course of action for the theme update, MJJ Designs implemented a fully responsive HTML5 and CSS3 theme that looks great on any device, with any resolution.