RC Editing is a Los Angeles based editor specializing in post production editing reels, shorts, documentary form, scripted form, reality casting content, and feature films.  When we began working on the project, we were given liberties to do what we think would work best for the new site.

We started with a complete overhaul of the design.  Using lighter colors, a more structured layout, and focusing on what was important – the portfolio of projects.

Utilizing the WordPress platform for the new site allows the client to easily manage the content, portfolio, images, and even write in a blog to keep interaction up on the site.

Some of the features we built into the site:

  • Social Networking – see the latest Twitter feed in the footer
  • Social Network Sharing – share blog posts with a multitude of social networks
  • Video Player – Due to restrictions with some of the content they work on, the videos can’t be uploaded to YouTube, so we built a custom video player.
  • Threaded Commenting – to allow visitors to engage in discussions on the blog.

With the ease of use of the WordPress platform, the client feels comfortable adding new content, maintaining existing content and continuing their blog.


RC Editing