This package includes an in-depth graphic design featuring your choice of coding language (PHP or HTML).  We prepare all graphic elements of the website and provide a JPG mockup of the site for you to view, comment on, and request changes to before we make it into a website.  We allow you to provide as much (or as little) feedback as you want to ensure that the design we do for you is exactly what you want. Nothing more, nothing less.

An Professional Website design is easier to update and maintain and adding pages and content is a simpler process than with a Basic Website or Custom Website package.

With the Professional Website, should you require more pages to be added to your website in the future, it’s much easier for us to do than with our Basic Website or Custom Website package.  The Professional website takes only a few minutes to add a new page to your site, including adding and formatting your content.  In the long run, if you’re adding more and more content to your site, this saves you time and money in comparison to our Basic Website package.

This package also comes with the added bonus of included Statistics Tracking (over a $45 savings). The detailed statistics tracking we’ll provide you with will tell you a vast amount of information about your website visitors: location, IP address, what time they visited, length of visit, which pages they viewed and even the order they viewed pages on your website. This feature is especially valuable for e-commerce and retail websites, but is also useful general websites to determine usability and user flow.