Presto is an iPhone application that allows the user to easily send updated contact information to anyone (or everyone) in their address book, instantly. It can also be used to send someone else’s contact information, instantly, wirelessly. No more writing down your phone number, and handing it to someone new you meet.  Simply use Presto, and they’ll have your entire contact information instantly.

MJJ Designs was contracted not only to build the website for Presto, but also to design the graphics used in the application itself.  The company wanted the site to look similar to an iPhone, and to utilize a similar functionality. Visitors to the site can click on any of the highlighted icons to visit the sections of the website, just as they would touch an iPhone icon to use the app.

We created an iPhone image in Photoshop, added some clickable icons to emulate the iPhone functionality, and an AJAX window popup to show the content of each section.  It’s a straightforward design with a simple concept – one that the company has been thrilled with.

Please note that the Presto iPhone app is no longer available, and the developers no longer maintain or provide support for it.  If you ended up on this page due to a web search for the app, I’m sorry to say you’ve reached a dead end.  The site we designed has been removed, and the domain has been grabbed by a spam site.  the Presto iPhone app no longer exists, unfortunately.


Presto iPhone Application