ideaworks offers a variety of services, including PR and marketing to small to mid-sized architectural firms in the Greater Boston area.

Our partners at Pinkergreen did the design work for the site, and handed it off to us to convert into a WordPress powered website.

Some of the features we developed include:

  • A slideshow on the homepage – this slideshow is configurable from the WordPress admin, so the site admin can update, add or remove any images to the slideshow.
  • Navigational menus – the menus will show any sub-page upon mouseover of the parent page.  If a sub-page isn’t present, the descriptor of the parent page is shown in its place.
  • A blog feed – the homepage pulls in the four latest posts from the blog, and shows an excerpt.
  • Join the Conversation – the site admin can configure a variety of forms to be shown in these spots, all from within the WordPress admin area.
  • Let’s Connect – utilizing social media is a big part of marketing these days.  Twitter and Facebook links are incorporated right into the homepage and footer, along with the more traditional contact methods of telephone and email; both of which link to a contact form.
  • Twitter feed – the homepage pulls in the five most recent tweets and displays them in a list formatted to match the rest of the website.
  • Sidebar – throughout most of the site, when mousing over a specific link, and orange box will appear in the right hand sidebar with content pertaining to that link; strategy information, details on services, and client testimonials all use this functionality.
  • Blog – a traditional blog is built into the aesthetics of the site, which can easily be updated by adding a new “post” in the WordPress admin area.
  • Contact form – the site admin controls what information is asked for on the form, whether or not it’s required, and the content of the thank you message.  The site admin can also configure whether or not the person filling out the form receives a confirmation email, and what that email says.
  • Featured images – each image displayed at the top of any page throughout the website is controlled using WordPress’ built in “featured image” function, so the site admin can easily update or change that image at any given time.

ideaworks also changed the domain name they used for their website during this project, utilizing the Icelandic .is TLD.  During this process, we learned that the Icelandic domain controllers (ISNIC) have some pretty specific rules about the server that houses a domain name ending in .is, which was a challenge in itself.

In addition to development services, MJJ Designs is also providing hosting for ideaworks on our client hosting servers, ensuring maintained speed and security of the ideaworks website.