Don’t rush a new website or product

What’s more important? Getting something done or getting something done right?

Exactly. Do it right or don’t bother doing it. Would you be surprised to find people don’t often think that way when it comes to launching their website?

It's done, let's go live!

Rushing to go live is the biggest mistake we see when working with a client. It’s “close enough,” or they’ll “finish that content when the site goes live.”

I get it. You’re eager to show off the thing you’ve been working so hard on for months (maybe even years!) to your friends and colleagues.

But what good will it be for them to come to your shiny new website to find missing images, broken links or — worse — “coming soon” pages?  What if you’re launching a new app or product and it doesn’t fully work yet?

Your site's launch is essentially a Press Release, use it!

When you’re launching a new product, app or website is a fantastic opportunity for an existing company to put out a press release.

Send it far and wide. Email all of your opted-in subscribers. Post to LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Tell everyone you know about it. It’s the best free press you can get for your new thing. And it doesn’t cost anything.

When we launched our new site in March of 2019, our traffic surged over 12000%, and leads were up over 500% because we put out a press release and (frankly) wouldn’t stop talking about it to anyone who’d listen.

Take advantage of your hard work. But wait until it’s ready.

Take the time to do it right.

It’s very exciting to launch your new website or product or app. We know this. We get to be involved with that almost every week. We understand the bonus of — usually — pushing the magic button that does the launch.

But that doesn’t mean you should do it pre-emptively.

Here’s a list of things you should do before launch and more than once:

  • Proofread everything to look for spelling errors and grammatical errors.
  • Check all of your images to make sure they’re not disproportionate or blurry.
  • Check the entire website on multiple devices. Look at it on your phone, your laptop, your desktop, your tablet.
  • Have at least three other people look at it too. You’d be surprised how often you’ve poorly worded something you’ve written but don’t know because you’ve read it the wrong way so many times that it seems correct.
  • Run it through an accessibility checker, like aChecker to make sure it’s accessible for visually impaired people
  • Check to make sure your SEO isn’t going to be affected with 404 errors. Setup redirects if you’re changing URLs during your launch.
  • Make a backup of your current site. In the off chance, you need to undo the launch; you’ll want a backup from right before launch.
  • Proofread everything again. Nothing is more embarrassing than a typo.

Go live when all parties agree it's time.

Chances are, you’re not alone on your team. There’s a strong chance other folks are working with you on this project.

Whether they’re the CEO or just someone offering to help out, be sure to get everyone’s buy-in. Make sure all parties — both internally and your partner building the thing — are ready and sign off on the launch.

Check, double check, and triple check with everyone. And when everyone signs off, that’s when you’re ready to go live.

Need help?

Do you need help with your website? Having trouble with your current web person and maybe you’re looking for someone new?

We can help. Reach out to us and let us know what you’re struggling with!

Cover photo by Frans Van Heerden

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