Direct It All is a brand new concept, and website, thought up by a young man from Wayland, Massachusetts.  This young man wants to be a director.  As such, he found that there’s no resource on the internet to pair up directors with screenwriters, and vise versa.

His concept for the site is fairly simple – users register, select if they’re a director or screenwriter, and they get automatically listed on the site, under their respective category.

We developed the site utilizing PHP, and MySQL.  The backend was written as a registration and profile system, where users can sign up, and modify their profile at any time.

When it came time to decide how to allow people to contact members of DirectItAll, we thought about personal privacy first, and technology secondly.  Initially, the owner wanted to simply display e-mail addresses on the site.  When we explained the spam implications of doing that, we came up with a more secure idea.  When a user clicks “Contact this Director” or “Contact this Screenwriter”, a form loads, with the destination person’s e-mail address hidden in a form variable that is virtually unspammable. This allows users to contact each other, securely.

In a future version, the owner has cited that he’d like to make an online messaging system available, similar to Facebook’s messaging system.  We’ve already begun working on this part of phase two.