Dewing & Schmid Architects specialize in residential and commercial architecture in the Boston area.

Like many architectural firms, DSA had a Flash based site, meaning anyone with an iOS device was unable to see it.  In many cases a website can be programmed to have a “fall back” option if Flash isn’t an option.   However, DSA’s website did not have that option, essentially disabling anyone with an iOS device from viewing their website.

Our project was to recreate the website in WordPress, exactly was it was in Flash to maintain their brand, design, and content.

While we were “under the hood” of the new site, we also took advantage of the opportunity to add a number of new features to the site, including a dedicated mobile version, a printable view (as to allow the client to no longer have to manually create printable PDF files), and some overall code cleanup.

Since DSA were completely closed off to iOS mobile devices with their previous website, we took the opportunity to build a dedicated mobile version of the site, making it fast loading and easy to navigate.  Upon visiting the website on any number of mobile devices, the website automatically detects the mobile device and displays the mobile version of the website.  Should a visitor choose to view the “full site”, we have a cookie based option that will allow a user to override the mobile version of the site for the remainder of their visit.

The mobile site also utilizes a number of JavaScript libraries that allow us to have a “finger controlled gallery”.  Meaning rather than navigating using left and right arrows onscreen, one simply flicks to the left or right to navigate through the gallery.  Replicating the natural behavior of viewing images on any particular mobile device on the website makes the visitor feel more at home when viewing the gallery.


Dewing & Schmid Architects