Best WordPress Plugins for May 2019

Plugins make everything better. They cost you less money with your developer because they’re not creating something from scratch. They add functionality to your WordPress site.

They’re just awesome.

Our friends at ThemeGrill have a list of the hottest plugins for May 2019, be sure to check them out!

How to use Instagram like a pro

Hootsuite has some amazing tips, tricks, and “hacks” to help you be better at using Instagram for your business.

From using stories effectively, to building an interesting profile, to using hashtags properly. They cover it all!

How to take amazing product photos for your online shop

Having a good product for sale on your website or online store is only half the battle. It needs to look amazing, in addition to being amazing.

This guide will walk you through how to take amazing photos for your products and ensure they look great when you upload them to your site.

101 Super Useful Tools for Website Managers

I’m a tools guy. If there’s a tool that makes my life easier in any way, shape or form, I want it.

Beewits put together a very thorough list of tools website managers should know about and use. This is the most comprehensive list I’ve ever seen and I hope you find some use of it!

How to install WordPress on almost every popular host

It’s no secret that WordPress is the big thing in Content Management Systems, but not every host offers a one-click install tool for it, which can lead to some complications when getting started.

Our friends over at WPBeginner have the most thorough guide to installing WordPress, which will surely get you well on your way to using the best CMS to manage your site.