Mike Jandreau


Mike Jandreau started MJJ Designs in August of 2003 after he spent four years teaching himself how to design and build websites.  What started as freelancing quickly turned into a passion that demanded all of his days and most of his nights.

Now on his 14th year building websites, Mike is primarily a project manager at MJJ Designs, but he also takes the time to communicate with — and support — our clients. Mike takes project specifications and makes sure the rest of the team designs, builds, and deploys the projects to exceed client expectations.

Though primarily in project management, Mike still rolls up his sleeves and jumps in when needed.  Sometimes projects can be so big that the more people there are writing code the better.

In addition to building websites, Mike has a fond love for movies, music, writing, and video games.  He’s been playing drums since he was 14 and started playing guitar shortly after.  Mike has also been writing short stories and song lyrics since his pre-teen days.  He’s currently in the editing phase of completing his first self-published book.