We websites.

Since 2003, we’ve built websites for all types and sizes of businesses.
We’d love to help make your website amazing.

Just a small sampling of how we can help you

Responsive Websites

Your site will look great and function properly on any screen of any device. This is called “Responsive Design”.

Phones, tablets, big monitors, small monitors, we’ll make sure your site looks great on all screens!

Modern Design

Our design team and project manager work with you to ensure that your new site’s design is exactly what you want it to be.

Our designer and developers work together to achieve your dream, in its entirety.

Ongoing Support

We’re there when you need us, any time, night or day.

Have a question or issue? Chat with us right from your admin panel! Need to schedule a meeting or just want to call? We’re there for you.


WordPress makes it easy for anyone to manage their website with no coding required. We’ll set it up, build your new site on it and show you how it all works.

You’ll be a pro in no time!


Have products to sell? We can help with a fully functioning eCommerce shop utilizing any number of backend eCommerce platforms, such as Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce or OpenCart.

We’ll load everything to get you started, too!


Before finishing, we’ll make sure you’re 100% comfortable in managing it from end to end.

And if you have questions, we’re there to help! Prefer us to manage everything for you? No problem, we can do that, too!


Hosting is included with all of our packages, including automated backups, disaster recovery, security patches, and updates.

Never worry about uptime again, we’ll do all the worrying (and management)!

SSL Certificates

All websites we build are secured through an SSL Certificate. Not only will this keep your visitors safe, but Google gives preferential treatment to secured sites, so it’ll help with your SEO efforts!


Photography for your business, items for sale, or headshots.

We’ll take care of it all!

And much much more!

Latest Projects

“I have had the best experiences working with Mike and MJJ Designs. I could not sing their praises high enough for not only the quality of work they produce but equally for the people that they are.”


Co-founder, COO

“You’ve been my hero on more occasions than I can possibly count. Thanks for always being there for us!”


Chairman of the Board & Founder, non-profit

We’d be beyond lost without you and your team. You never say no, you just spring into action and do what we ask. That’s exactly what we want out of a partner.”



“MJJ Designs have been my hero on more than one occasion! Whether it was solving a problem from a previous coder’s poor design/structure or developing a solution to solve a new need, we have always been more than pleased with their work.”


Senior Vice President, Marketing